We operate with the primary goal of providing complete customer satisfaction. We realize you have choices when selecting an electrical contractor for your project.  We acknowledge that you expect to receive excellent service, reliable scheduling, and competitive pricing; that is why we make sure we deliver quality through skilled personnel backed by professional planning.


Our experience and our knowledge have helped our employees understand the importance of your deadlines and start up needs.  We have worked, and are willing to work around the clock to meet crucial deadlines. We understand that not all businesses operate on the same hours; therefore we accept phone calls for emergency situations 24 hours a day.  This makes our devotion to project completion unparalleled.


We strive to guarantee every project is executed at the highest safety level.  At B&R Electrical, we are committed to providing both our employees and our customers, a safe working environment.  We maintain a secure atmosphere through weekly safety meetings, first aid training for our employees and regular site safety audits.  Our staff is trained to comply with OSHA, NFFPA70E, and NEC.  Everyday we continue to work towards improving our safety measures.

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